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Research & Development of Structural Analysis System for General-purpose Coupling Simulations Using High End Computing Middleware (HEC-MW)

Strong support for structural analysis programs on high-end computing environments

Professor Hiroshi Okuda
Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering,
The University of Tokyo

Professor Hiroshi Okuda

With the rapid development of science and technology, multi-physics simulation for complicated physical phenomena is becoming increasingly important. The analysis software for single physical phenomenon has been in a mature stage, whereas the coupling software for multi-physics is still a challenging topic in the practical design and development of industry. The main reason is a lack of broad applicability for general purpose simulations and high end computer environments.

Focusing on the key functions in multi-physics simulations (with emphasis on structural analysis), this subproject aims at developing and releasing a group of high performance libraries (HEC-MW) including both the new developed software for multi-physics finite element analysis and the extended version of the existing software for high end computer environments, promoting the competing power of Japanese industrial technology and contributing to the talent training in scientific simulation area.

To achieve the above goals, the following three sub-topics are performed:

Development and release of the structural analysis software FRONT-STR for the revolutionary general-purposed coupling simulation;
Practical coupling analysis based on weak-coupled interface;
Implementation and release of the library optimized for multi-platforms(*).

(*) OS: Linux/Windows; Processor type: scalar/vector

Originalities of this subproject including:

Structural analysis software for NLS (National Leadership Supercomputer) such as the Earth Simulator;
Structural analysis software and finite element analysis developing tools applicable for Grid environment (among PC-clusters)
High performance large-scale parallel structural analysis software for various types of environments (OS, processor type)
Figure 1

Figure 1 Example image of HEC-MW application and FRONT-STR

Main supporting functions in HEC-MW

Data I/O, linear solver (direct and iterative methods), finite element operations (matrix operations, connectivity generation, etc.), parallel visualization, coupler, MPI wrapper, domain partitioner, grid adaptation, and dynamic load balancing.

Main supporting functions in FRONT-STR

Static elastic analysis, dynamic elastic analysis, eigen analysis, heat transfer analysis, assembly structural analysis.

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