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Integrated Platform for the Multi-scale and Multi-physics Simulations and Optimization

Platform for the problem solving environment (PSE) which can realize multi-scale and multi-physics simulations via the well-sensible GUI, involving the manager and controller of analytical procedures and results

Hideaki Koike
The President and Representative Director,
AdvanceSoft Corporation
Advisory Research Fellow, Institute of Industrial Science
The University of Tokyo

Hideaki Koike

The goal of the theme is to develop the integrated platform to support practical multi-scale and multi-physics simulations involving a well-sensible GUI not to prevent the stream of user's thought on the simulations, utilizing "PSE Workbench" designed in past 'Frontier Simulation Software for Industrial Science (FSIS)'.

The system consists of aserver, which allows submitting commands from multi-users, so-called 'batch-server', and multi-clients. The server can support to keep work procedures (Taskflows) and knowledge and know-how in the whole analytical operations. The points of the theme are

to prepare various existing software for multi-scale and multi-physics simulations
to provide a well-sensible GUI to simplify treatments of data and variables in input- and output-files and complicated operation of software
to convert data format during the corresponding simulation software
to keep analytical procedures and results of the simulation software, in order to re-use the data and results and share of the knowledge and know-how

When the integrated platform is completed, user can realize to perform computing works with trial and error via the well-sensible GUI in the multi-scale and multi-physics simulations. In the future, the platform will provide a step to develop the practical use of the optimization, sensitivity check andparameter survey.

schematic design of the integrated platform

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