• Thermo-Fluid Analysis Solvers for Large-Scale Assembly

    In this sub-project, we will develop a next-generation fluid analysis system as our contribution to creating innovations in key industries (e.g., vehicle, electronics, airline, precision, and heavy industries) related to manufacturing. This fluid analysis system will be based on “FrontFlow/blue,” which was developed under the Revolutionary Simulation Software Project. It will run at high speed on a wide range of machine architectures, from PC clusters to next-generation super computers (10 PFLOPS,) and will support coupled analysis with solvers developed by other groups.

    Center Director,Professor: Chisachi Kato
    Thermo-Fluid Analysis Solvers for Large-Scale Assembly Eddy structure near car gaps/ Distribution of vehicle surface pressure fluctuations

    For supercomputer analysis, we plan to achieve analytical capabilities on a scale of 100 billion computational grid points. This will dramatically improve accuracy in predicting unsteady flow phenomena such as aerodynamic noise, internal pressure fluctuations, and turbulent heat transport. So far, with FrontFlow/blue, we have been able to perform only component-level evaluation, but, when we realize large-scale computation with 100-billion grid points this system, we will be able to evaluate large-scale assemblies (“whole-product simulations”). We believe that by (1) improving predictive accuracy and (2) enabling performance of “whole-product simulations,” we can contribute to reducing costs and time for product development and to developing new products in general.

    In addition, we will implement sophisticated user interfaces in the system so that the designer can use it on-site, reducing the burden during (including pre- and post-) fluid-flow analysis.

    Finally, we realize that for this project to succeed, we need support and suggestions from many users. We look forward to your continued support.

    Thermal Fluid-Aeroacoustics System
    FrontFlow/blue -ACOUSTICS