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Project Outline

Frontier Simulation Software for Industrial Science (FSIS) project, which started in 2002 and has been driven for more than three years, has developed and released more than 60 pieces of most-advanced simulation software in the field of computational mechanics. The developed software has already been applied to the real-world problems in various engineering fields and proven its features and advantages over the conventional simulation software beyond our initial expectation. It is thus expected to contribute to the rapid progress of science and technology in the 21st century. In order to further contribute to the progress of science and technology and to strengthen industrial competitiveness, Revolutionary Simulation Software (RSS) project, which has fully taken over the outcome of FSIS project, has started in 2005 with some newly added software contents. The RSS project carries out the following four research topics with common basic software that runs on the world fastest supercomputers such as the Earth Simulator:

Biosimulation for pharmaceutical development based on personalized medicine,
Multi-scale coupled analysis simulation for achieving qualitative improvement and efficient progress in engineering process covering from R&D of a new product to its maintenance,
Simulation system for urban environment and safety,
Integrated platform common basis software for the multi-scale and multi-physics simulation.
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