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Quantum Chemical Simulation: The Next Generation

Quantum Molecular Interaction Analysis

Nano-scale Device Simulation

Fluid Dynamics Simulation: The Next Generation

Structural Analysis: The Next Generation

Platform of Problem Solving Environment

High-Performance Computing Middleware

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Collabolative Research Center of Frontier Simulation Software for Industrial ScienceInstitute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan

Platform of Problem Solving Environment


The goal of this topic is to design and develop a platform for the problem solving environment (PSE) that will help computational scientists and engineers develop large complicated application soft ware and simul at e complex phenomena by using networking and parallel computing.
The PSE,which will be designed for the project of Frontier Si mulati on Soft ware for Industrial Science,is defined by supporting the entire range of problem solving activity from program formulation and data setup to numerical simulation,data management,and visualization.
A special feature of the PSE system is based on a new architecture called TASK FLOW.It integrates the computational resources such as hardware and software on the network and supports complex and large-scale simulation.
This system will provide the best solution for developing large and complicated software and simulating complex and large-scaled phenomena.

The problem solving environment based on a new architecture called TASK FLOW,which integrates the computational resource.

The PSE system developed in this project is located on application layer in GRID architect uredescribed by W.E.Johnston et al.(1999)


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