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Establishment of the Research System for Computational Science

Theme Leader
Toshio Hatada Project Professor, Center for Research on Innovative Simulation Software,
Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo
Alliance for Research
Kenji Ono Professor, Graduate School of System informatics, Kobe University
Ryoji Takaki Associate Professor, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA
Takahisa Ozeki Senior Principal Researcher, Fusion Research and Development Directorate, JAEA


The focus is on quality and timely breakthroughs in design processes toward monozukuri that achieves both high quality and a revolutionary level of performance. This will become possible for the first time by using an innovative high performance computing infrastructure (HPCI) centered about the "K computer" having massively parallel and highly parallel computing functions. The objective here is to create a program that expands the use of HPCI to a wide range of industrial fields and users.

Establishment of the Research System

Construction and Implementation of a HPC Monozukuri Infrastructure  Strengthening and Training of HPC Human Resources

【Main Measures】

(1) Efficient Management of Computational Resources
The aim is to make a significant contribution to strengthening Japan's international standing across all monozukuri fields. This will be accomplished by facilitating the development of front runners in the "Industrial Innovation" through world-class cutting-edge technology development driven by computational sciences and technologies, while also creating a mechanism for aggressively promoting the introduction of HPC into many medium- and small-size enterprises that provide a wide range of monozukuri support. This assumes a policy that treats as essential an environment that seamlessly links all elements of the HPCI with the "K computer" at its core and that enables the user to efficiently select and use hardware and software in accordance with application objectives and scale.。

Efficient Management of Computational Resources

(2)Dissemination of Research Achievements
To disseminate the achievements of this research, it is extremely important to construct a mechanism that promotes the use of application groups oriented to HPCI and that enables functions to be enhanced on an ongoing basis. To this end, an HPC industrial innovation platform (HPC/PF) consisting of an application lineup indispensible to future monozukuri and databases enabling users to make effective use of those applications will be developed and deployed.

Dissemination of Research Achievements