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Software Publication [License Agreement]

Grant of License to Use RSS Free Software (to users for non-profit purposes)
Terms and Conditions of License for Use of RSS Free Software

The Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), University of Tokyo, hereby grants a license to use all or part of the results of "Frontier Simulation Software for Industrial Science" project ("RSS Project") organized by the IT Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology free of charge and pursuant to the following conditions and restrictions for users for non-profit purposes. The Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), University of Tokyo, will delegate the distribution of this software to The Foundation for the Promotion for Industrial Science.

1. Definition of RSS Free Software
RSS Free Software means any items marked "RSS Free Software" among the project's results including source programs, object programs, specifications, design specifications, data, implementation results and instruction manuals.

2. Extent of Free Use
Users may use RSS Free Software free of charge for purposes such as running RSS Free Software with optional data for one's private use, using the results thereof for one's private use, duplicating and distributing RSS Free Software, and modifying and then implementing RSS Free Software.

3. Rules for Modification and Distribution
If the user creates a modified version of RSS Free Software by modifying the RSS Free Software itself, incorporating it into other software or other such means and duplicates or distributes such software thereafter, the user must keep "RSS free software" in the name of such software (e.g., if the RSS free software is named Protein DF, the new software is named _______/Protein DF.) and display a copyright notice therein.

The "copyright notice" segment of the internal code of the RSS Free Software may not be altered, regardless of the reason therefore, unless it is to update or make additions to modify records such as the name of the modifier or date of modification.

4. Copyright Notice
Users must display adequately and conspicuously in each RSS Free Software duplication a copyright notice at the first part of the credits and other indications of the software with the name of the software, version, and copyright holder. When distributing RSS Software duplications, the user must attach the full text of these Terms and Conditions without any changes.

5. User Obligations
In order to publicly announce the results of using the RSS Software, the user must clearly display the name, version and copyright holder together with the fact that such results were achieved by "using the results from the Frontier Simulation Software for Industrial Science Project."

If the user modifies the RSS Software and publicly announces the results of running the software thereafter, the user must attach, at the time of public announcement, an explanation that will specify the contents and history of such modifications.

We ask that the user report any bugs or problems discovered in the RSS Software, to the Collaborative Research Center of Frontier Simulation Software for Industrial Science at the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo. The user may not publicly announce or disclose to a third party any bugs or problems discovered without permission.

6. Commercial Use
The user must enter into a separate license agreement for commercial purposes before using the RSS Free Software for a commercial purpose such as those set out in (1) through (3) below.

(1) Duplicating or distributing the RSS Free Software by the user and demanding from the party to whom the user distributed the Software not only payment for the Software as a copyrighted product, but anything of economic value, including expenses required for such duplication or distribution, or indicating the need therefore.

(2) Running of the RSS Free Software by the user, including legal entities, not for its licensed private use, but to provide services to a third party, regardless of whether such provision is free of charge.

(3) Engaging in any kind of commercial transaction such as creating a pledge or security interest over the RSS Free Software in any form, including the parts modified by the user itself.

The user acknowledges in advance that if it carries out any activity that breaches this clause, the copyright holder of any software shall prohibit the user from using the software. The user also acknowledges in advance that the copyright holder may claim indemnification for any profits equal to those gained by the user through such breach.

7. No Warranty
Neither the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), University of Tokyo, the Foundation for the Promotion for Industrial Science nor any other concerned party warrants to the user the quality, performance, or implementation results of the RSS Free Software in anyway. The user agrees that it is solely responsible in the use of the RSS Free Software and if damages occur through using the Software, the user shall be responsible for all consequences; including compensations for damages and injuries incurred by a third party.

8. Breach of these Terms and Conditions
If the user breaches these Terms and Conditions, the user shall unconditionally carry out any measures deemed necessary to correct any situation resulting from such breach by the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo.

- End of the terms and conditions-

If you agree to these Terms and Conditions, click "I agree" below. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you are only entitled to use the RSS Software in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and you accept that legal action will be taken against you if you breach these Terms and Conditions.

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