• Project on Science and Technology for a Safe and Secure Society

    Science and Technology for a Safe and Secure Society
    Research on Diffusion and Damage Prediction of Dangerous Toxic Material and Disaster Reduction Measures
    Shinsuke Kato Professor,
    Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo


    This project, which commenced on August 1, 2007, developed a system for making integrated use of indoor and outdoor diffusion prediction technology and disaster-information sharing technology for evacuation guidance developed by other projects during the two-year period covering fiscal years 2007 and 2008. In fiscal year 2009, the last year of this project, the effectiveness of the developed system was evaluated in municipal drills dealing with nuclear, biological, or chemical (NBC) attacks. For example, the Center participated as part of the MEXT safety-and-security project team in a large-scale anti-terrorism drill jointly held by the Tokyo municipal government and the cabinet secretary. This participation actually began a half-year before the drill at the scenario-creation stage, at which time the Center presented the results of diffusion prediction and evacuation-guidance simulations to help create more realistic scenarios for the drill. As another result of this research, the Center created a DVD to provide first responders with information on how to react properly to an act of terrorism. This DVD contained the computational results and test results of the indoor/outdoor diffusion prediction systems and evacuation-guidance support system developed by this research. Although this project has come to an end, the Center continues to distribute this DVD to first-response institutions and to actively release and disseminate the results of its research through research reports at lectures and seminars.


    Visualization of gas diffusion (on DVD for first responders)