Associate Professor: Yoshitaka Umeno

Yoshitaka Umeno, Associate Professor

Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo
Nanostructured Materials Strength and Science

Research content

To reveal the physical and mechanical properties of nanostructured materials, our group performs simulations based on atomistic and electronic modeling, such as classical molecular dynamics and ab initio (first-principles) density functional method calculations. In addition, we work on multiscale mechanical simulations based on the knowledge of nano and microscale phenomena. Our research topics include the ideal strength of crystals, structural instability analysis of atomic systems, deformation and fracture of power semiconductors, deformation and multiphysics of low-dimensional nanostructures, electrolyte and anode materials in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), multiscale analysis of polymer materials, and optimized structure design of environmental barrier coatings for ceramics.