Center Director,Professor: Chisachi Kato

Chisachi Kato, Professor

Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
Fluid Flow and Thermal Energy Systems Control

Research content

My research interests are as follows: 1) development of simulation methods to predict flow and flow-induced noise in turbomachinery, automobiles, and ships and R&D advancement in the related applications, 2) clarification of the issues involved in large-scale parallel computation with tens of billions of grids for the next generation computing environments, and 3) use of the simulation software developed within the collaboration among industry, academia, and government to improve the performance and reliability and lower the noise of the various flow-related products. Regarding the energy field, I am focused on the research and development of new types of windmills generating power with little noise even in relatively low-wind locations, advanced noise and cavitation models, and ultra-micro gas turbines (UMGTs).