Center Director,Professor: Chisachi Kato

Chisachi Kato Center Director, Professor

Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
Fluid flow and thermal energy systems control

Research content

Formulate numerical simulation methods for predicting internal flow and flow-induced noise of turbo machinery and advance R&D in related applications. In particular, clarify the issues required to achieve large-scale parallel computing in the order of ten thousand of billion of calculations per second for the next-generation computing environments. In addition, using simulation software that has been developed, collaborate with industry, academia, and government in joint research to improve performance and reliability and to lower the noise of various products.

In research related to energy, research and develop new types of windmills capable of generating power even in relatively low-wind locations with little noise, and expand the theoretical, elemental, and application research of thermoacoustic heat engines as a promising technology for recovering waste heat.