Professor: Toshio Hatada

Toshio Hatada Project Professor

Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
Knowledge-based engineering, project management

Research content

At the heart of simulation technology is digital engineering, which has spread to many sectors of industry. Knowledge-based engineering is now entering upon a second stage of development. The main role in this second stage is to induce speedy innovation through scientific methods and to provide integrated support that spans from intellectual production activities in upstream design and development (i.e. original ideas) to the verification of large-scale assembly systems for the end product. This second stage combines a wide range of design and knowledge information related to 1) core solver components, 2) definition methods for shape information at each stage of design and development, 3) appropriate modeling technology, and 4) multi-dimensional visualization technology. Through this research and related management, the Center aims to achieve next-generation knowledge-based engineering.