• Collaboration with Industry

    The Center develops revolutionary simulation technology. The fruit of this technology is a steady stream of software applications. A main objective is wide usage in society, so software releases are scientifically up-to-date, full of excellent practical functionality, and directly useful for real-world tasks in increasingly complex industries. To ensure usefulness, industry needs are taken into account from the initial stage in software development and real examples from diverse sectors of industry are used in beta testing. As a result, this development framework improves the completeness of the application and the ease-of-use of the final user. Currently, inter-organizational relations are based on ties with the Advanced Software Application Group at the Industrial Committee for Super Computing Promotion (ICSCP). Going forward, the Center will explore cooperation with other organizations and promote a community network to continue to develop Japanese software for use in advanced science and technology.

    In the past, the reason why Japanese software did not become popular even though it had achieved a high academic standard was because it lacked completeness. In addition, Japanese software was usually developed without a clear path for upgrades and enhancements. As a result, users have voiced many complaints about a lack of reliability.

    In light of these circumstances, the Center is collaborating with related research institutions, industry, and software makers and vendors in studying a specific mechanism for making ongoing upgrades and enhancements to advanced software developed by fixed-term national projects even after their completion. The aim here is to provide highly reliable software that users in industry and elsewhere can use with confidence.